Rabaul Mask Festival and Fire Dance

New Britain Island - Papua New Guinea

Rabaul Mask Festival - Customs - Birdwatching - Military Relics Volcano Climbing - Jungle - Snorkelling and Scuba diving


Friday 3rd to Saturday 11th July 2020 Friday 2nd to Saturday 10th July 2021

09 Days
7,000 USD p.p

Mt Hagen Show -
Sepik River Adventure

Highlands, New Britain & East Sepik  - Papua New Guinea

Mt Hagen Show - Sepik River Festival - Birds of Paradise Carvings - Snorkelling and Scuba diving - Crocodile Ritual


Sunday 9th to Thursday 20th August 2020 Sunday 8th to Thursday 19th August 2021

12 Days
8,620 USD p.p

Goroka Show - 
Lake Kutubu Festival

Eastern and Southern Highlands - Papua New Guinea

Kutubu Kundu Digaso Festival - Goroka Show - Long House Customs - Agri-tourism - Skull Caves - Birds of Paradise


Thursday 17th to Tuesday 29th September 2020 Thursday 16th to Tuesday 28th September 2021

13 Days
8,620 USD p.p

Melanesian Wonderland Papua New Guinea

Sepik River, The Highlands and New Guinea Islands

Lake Kutubu Festival - Goroka Show - Agri-tourism - Skull Caves Birds of Paradise - Military Relics - Customs - Birdwatching Rabaul  Volcano Climbing - Jungle Hikes - Snorkelling - Fishing


Monday 7th to Thursday 24th September 2020 Monday 6th to Thursday 23rd September 2021

18 Days
10,560 USD p.p


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October 26, 2016

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