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The island of New Ireland presents as the idyllic tropical paradise and is both a beautiful and friendly cycling haven with long stretches of flat road. The Boluminski Highway is the island’s main land transportation route running 260 kilometres from Kavieng, the provincial’s capital, down to the east coast of the island to Namatanai. You ride a desired number of kilometres each day staying overnight in a mixture of village accommodation and beach lodges dining on the sumptuous local cuisine.

Utilised by very few motorised vehicles and sealed all the way make it ideal for cycling. This mode of transport allows you to get up close and personal with nature, set your own pace, and get to know the area intimately and to really take in the sights which vary from coconut palm tree fringed beaches, majestic mountains, traditional villages and schools along the roadside that cater for the seemingly endless supply of children.

During the German colonisation, the tyrannical Baron Boluminski built the original highway from 1910 by forcing each village along the coast to construct and maintain a section.

A cycling journalist, Inga Ting wrote recently of her experience that “ New Ireland is one of the few places in the world where people still live much like they did 100 years ago, and their warmth and curiosity is impossible to resist. Instead of cycling, we find ourselves chatting to school teachers, bathing in the river with students, learning to weave baskets and staying up late listening, wide-eyed, to tales of witchcraft.”

Flynn’s Tours can arrange for the provision of bicycles or you are welcome to bring your own.


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