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Dirt Bike Riding

Dirt Bike Riding

Here in Papua New Guinea, the ‘Land of the Unexpected’, a group of local dirt bike enthusiasts have banded together to welcome dirt bike riders from around the globe to enjoy world-class off-road riding on the latest 2015 KTM 350cc bikes. This is fantastic in a country not known for the availability of many motorcycles at all. The tours can cater for up to six riders at a time to experience some of the most amazing riding and scenery seen anywhere on the planet.

The tours head out of Lae, PNG’s second largest city and traverse the full length of Morobe Province, battling the dirt and muddy tracks to reach some of the most splendid and naturally beautiful locations in the coastal highlands with its big rivers. The bikes fly along the Highlands and Bulolo Highways before hitting the dirt and checking out fascinating customary highlights such as the smoked corpses of Aseki or the picturesque Lake Wanum – a bluewater lake infested with crocodiles and surrounded by steep grassy hills and the home of the hill-climb.

The terrain is for experienced riders and involves river crossings that sometimes require bikes being loaded into dugout canoes. You can explore the Busu River which is Papua New Guineas fastest flowing and the 4th fastest in the World. Its river mouth is close to 750metres wide at times. It changes course constantly and 75% of the river is always dry. The number of days riding and type of riding is left to the riders to determine. Riding can be extreme or easy – it’s all up to you and your group. In addition to the riding, fishing, diving and snorkelling in pristine tropical waters are available on rest days.


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