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Diving & Snorkelling

Diving & Snorkelling

Bound by the Bismarck, Coral and Solomon seas, Papua New Guinea is one of the world’s best marine tourism destinations. With about 45,000 square kilometres of reef systems, it’s coral gardens, wrecks and kaleidoscopic fish species are ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving.
Flynn’s Tours offers diving with respected and professional scuba diving operations in some of the best locations in Papua New Guinea.

Milne Bay

At the south eastern tip of the main island of Papua New Guinea lies the province of Milne Bay where an all-around scuba diving experience can be enjoyed from the comfort of a uniquely appointed Resort as well as a live aboard vessel that tours a large cluster of islands known for their pristine reefs, coral pinnacles, elaborate soft corals and abundant fish life.   The diversity, abundance and quality of the dive sites in the area encompasses everything from the famous muck diving sites at Lawadi and Observation Point, to renowned Manta Cleaning Station “Giant at Home” near Samarai Island. Add some of the many WWII wrecks in the area, such as the Black Jack B17F Flying Fortress bomber just off the beach at Cape Vogel, and some of the superb reefs, and it’s easy to understand why Milne Bay is on the “must do” list for most divers.

Tufi  -  Oro Province

The diverse diving experiences at Tufi include diving the fiords to unchartered reefs and WW2 wrecks. Visibility of 30 metres plus and water temperatures of 26°C to 29°C are consistent all year round. When scuba diving the fjords, experience the unique macro world and if in for a wreck dive you can check out the WW2 PT boat wrecks. Day or night you will find at the Tufi Wharf and fjords a wide variety of gobie, nudibranchs, mandarin fish, ghost pipe fish, pigmy seahorse and a host of other fascinating creatures. A wonderful array of sponges and shelf corals that line the walls of the tropical rainforest fjord presents a truly different diving environment. Perched above one of Tufi’s most breathtaking fjords, the resort offers panoramic views over the sea, fjord, rainforest and mountains.

Kavieng  -  New Ireland

The Kavieng area of New Ireland is renowned for its diversity and has rapidly become highly regarded amongst the diving community. From encounters with big pelagics to drifting along plunging coral encrusted walls, exploring WWII wrecks or muck diving, you can do it all. Those suitably experienced also have the option to dive or snorkel the freshwater sinkholes and caves which are located on the New Ireland mainland. 
Diving in Kavieng is enjoyed all year round and is suitable for all experience levels and interests. 
For those who prefer being on the surface, the shoaly reefs within Kavieng Harbour also make for great snorkelling. There is an Asian style long-line ship wreck and WWII 'Jake' sunken off a shallow reef inside the harbour. Both are easily accessible snorkelling sites in a canoe or kayak.
Flynn’s Tours can arrange accommodation and a dive package to suit all budgets. 

Kimbe  -  West New Britain

The waters of New Britain are home to prolific and diverse marine life and reef structures.  Pristine and colourful corals are home to a variety of fish, crustacean and invertebrate life and many of the reefs have resident schools of barracuda, tuna and jacks.  A range of shark species are regularly sighted, including hammerheads and silvertips, particularly on the offshore reefs.  A resident pod of dolphins frequently entertains divers. The occasional sightings of orca, pilot whales, whale sharks and other marine life passing through Kimbe Bay and West New Britain waters always delight. Over 40 reefs in the Kimbe Bay area are visited by day dive boats.  A number of the Kimbe Bay Reefs are also dived by the live- aboard boat with a mooring system installed on all the visited reefs. The Witu Islands are situated to the North West of Kimbe Bay and this area is visited by a live- aboard boat at selected times during the year.  A cross section of diving includes sea mounts and black sand bays around the islands. A long extinct volcanic caldera, Fathers Reefs are a series of off shore reefs located along the northern coastline of New Britain to the east of Kimbe Bay and are visited by the live- aboard boat.

Port Moresby – the National Capital

The PNG capital has gained popularity over recent years as the best capital city diving in the region, with relatively pristine dive sites very close by. The Papuan Barrier Reef stretches just off Port Moresby and the seaward face of the reef formation boasts sheer drop-offs and spectacular wall and bommie dives. 
One extraordinary wreck is the awe inspiring MV Pacific Gas  which sank in 1986. The area around Bootless Bay provides one of the largest concentrations of wreck diving in the region including the MV Pai II fishing boat, the MV New Marine tugboat and the Douglas A-20 Havoc light bomber plane being particularly worth a mention. Other highlights are spectacular reef dives such as The Pinnacles – a stunning formation of 3 large coral bommies, Chimneys, Suzie’s Bommie or Pumpkin Patch. There is also an array of muck diving opportunities. 

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