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As a surf destination Papua New Guinea is relatively new to surfing enthusiasts and offers surfable waves year round. You might be surprised to find that breaks here are just as challenging and exhilarating as in any other location. The key factor that sets the PNG surfing experience apart from the rest of the world is the uncrowded waves where a nationally recognised surf management plan maintains sustainable quotas to avoid surfer overcrowding. The SMP also provides recognition of customary and traditional rights, marine conservation and the growth of community development initiatives.

The PNG northern coastline and outer lying island provinces have unlimited surfing potential from October to April during the monsoon seasons and thousands of kilometres of coastline just waiting to be explored. Located just south of the Equator, PNG enjoys warm waters and consistent waves in it’s premier surf destinations of Vanimo, Madang, New Ireland and the newest surfing frontier in Bougainville. A good wave can also be found around Manus Island and the Wewak Islands.

The southern coast of the PNG mainland is active from June to September with waves ranging from 1 to 2 metres. A surf can be enjoyed 10 minutes from Port Moresby at Sero Cove, 100 km to the east of Port Moresby at Hula Beach and along the southern coastline all the way to Milne Bay Province.

Kite Surfing


The same winds that surfers enjoy also make for perfect kite surfing. Relatively undiscovered, the warm waters of Papua New Guinea are uncrowded and ideal for kite enthusiasts. The reef breaks provide great action for wave riders, whilst the pristine blue lagoons lure flat water fans. The Laurabada trade winds, provide consistent 10.25 knot winds. The seas around Port Moresby and Milne Bay have optimal conditions and stunning scenery. Fifteen minutes from Port Moresby, Sero beach’s large lagoon gives way to a surf break 500 metres out. Daugo Island is a 20 minute boat ride from the city and one of the best local spots to kite surf. Two hours down the coast, Hula is a large peninsula that receives the full force of Laurabada winds creating the optimal environment for kite surfers.

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