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Papua New Guinea has long been a popular destination for trekking, mountain climbing and bushwalking and is home to the world-famous Kokoda Track. With largely unspoilt mountains, rivers and forests, as well as many significant war relic sites. Papua New Guinea is an ideal place for both the fit trekking enthusiast and the weekend bushwalker. Enjoy short scenic bush, forest and jungle walks to be found in a variety of terrain across the width and breadth of PNG to arduous but spectacular 8 and 10 day treks along the iconic Kokoda Track.

The 96 kilometre track enables hikers to traverse the Owen Stanley Ranges observing the sites of one of the most commemorated campaigns of  World War II, where many Australian soldiers were killed repelling the Imperial Japanese forces.

The highlands region is famous for it’s tall mountains with a number of readily accessible peaks.

Mt Wilhelm at 4509 metres and the highest peak in Oceania is the most popular target for mountain climbers attracted to Papua New Guinea. The April to October dry season is the best time to climb.

 Another accessible peak standing at 4,368m is Mt Giluwe, Papua New Guinea’s second highest mountain. It’s also the highest volcano in Australasia. Conquering these peaks, trekkers can wind through wild jungles, cross rivers and valleys and trek through grassland, and meet ancient tribes still living in the area, far removed from modern day society.


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