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Customised Adventures to Papua New Guinea

Have Flynn’s Tours design a customised adventure with a tailor-made itinerary to overcome the challenges that organising a trip to Papua New Guinea can pose, even for the most experienced of travellers.Our team of professionals at Flynn’s Tours can save you time, frustration and money, ultimately ensuring that you enjoy a most memorable travel experience.

Papua New Guinea is a truly unique country  and one of the most “uncrowded” tourist destinations on earth! Receiving the best service relies on the strength of relationships.

Our relationships have been forged over a long period,  giving us a deep knowledge of the country’s far flung locations and an intimate grasp of the Melanesian way.

In a population of only 8 million people we find over 800 tribes who speak around 20% of the world’s total number of languages, emphasising the amazing diversity and intrigue of these peoples.

Choose your Adventurous activities from the following :

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